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Ed Walters Records
318 W. Sylvania Ave.
Neptune City, NJ 07753

(note new address as of May 1, 2001)

.the passenger train proposal.

Using what might have been the book title of a World War II tragic-romance novel, the Passenger Train Proposal are the latest "Fab Four" of the indy-rock, emo genre. Utilizing natural guitar progressions against catchy vocal harmonies, the Train have a sound not unlike that of Afghan Whigs, Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox or Quicksand. A definite show of there influences shine through the music, but the Train has found a way to maintain a unique, identifying sound for themselves. Their first release is a two-song seven-inch that Ed Walters Records is proudly releasing. The single "Sailboats" shows the maturity of the musicianship, which is fluent throughout the Train's raptor.

From West Chester, Pennsylvania; these boys are a foursome using their energies to rock hard and lyrically keep it very personal. George Chamberlain and Mark Richter both handle the guitar and vocals, Dave Duffy plays bass guitar and Jay Richardson plays the drums. The band was formed in late 97 after the long overdue demise of Autumn, a band that George, Mark, and Jay have been a part the past four years prior. The Train has already successfully toured before any release's or even knowledge of the bands existence, which is something that in their previous endeavors, they have found very difficult to do. Expect to see a lot more of this band in months to come.

photos: mike dailey

"Sailboats" single:

1. Sailboats (real audio format
.wav format

2. Train of 1945

First press: 900 black/ 100 burgundy

Price: $3ppd U.S.A/ $4ppd Mexico & Canada/ $5ppd World
make money orders payable to Michael Dailey not Ed Walters Records.
No  Checks!!!