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Ed Walters Records
2416 S. Warnock St.
Philadelphia, PA 19148 (note new address as of August 1, 2001)


Hell all. Ed Walters Records is no officially living in Philadelphia again. I have been living in a nice house in south Philly. I will be getting a P.O. Box for the record label soon but if you want to send anything via snail mail. send it to this address:
Ed Walters Records
2416 S.Warnock St.
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Well it's official the Murder in the Red Barn / Sutek Conspiracy will be a split CD. Both bands are in the process of recording right now. We are looking to have it out in the middle of October. Murder is going to be tour September 1st. I will be getting their tour dates and posting them. Sutek Conspiracy is in the midst of a member change but will be up a running for shows in the middle of september. They will be touring the west coast with Subscribe (from columbia, mo.) from december 16 -31st.. if you can help out them drop sutek conspiracy a line at

The "Sea of Steel" series is looking really promising now. Rambo and Crucial Unit will be recording for their split sometime in november. Their record for the series will be out sometime around christmas.The second installement of the series will be Great Clearing Off and Sound of Failure. Both bands are from Philadelphia area. This record will be most likely out sometime the beginning of 2002. So, the series is looking up. I am really getting excited and can't wait for it to start.. more info on all the bands on the series soon.

I said in my last news update that the site is going to be redone. This is still the truth. Eric Hsu, webmaster of homage to catalonia, amor y lucha records, etc..; will be redesigning the site. I believe it will be up and running in a couple of months. You should just check back and see if the site has change. You can also sign up on our mailing list too.

One last thing. Murdock /Sutek Conspiracy split 7" will be back in press next month. All the stuff is at the pressing plant. I am also going to be raising the prices for mailorder to: $3.50 usa/ $5 world. I am sorry but I am kind of loosing some money for the mailing of one record.
take care.. michael