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Ed Walters Records
606 north 13th st. apt. 1
Lafayette, IN 47904

(note new address as of jan. 7,. 2001)

murdock/ sutek conspiracy

slug & lettuce issue #67
Murdock are a band that I've always said was underrated. I haven't heard anyting from them in ages- so I was excited about this. They've gotten even crazier in their abrasive style. With gnarly screamed vocals with the occsional hint at the talking voice (or cracked emo voice) coming through. Musically this is abrasive, raw, powerful and manic. In the abrasive discordant emo-hardcore world and I'm so glad they're still around. Sutek Conspiracy are a new favorite. The band on the tape that each and every time caught my attention and held me in awe. They start off with a distinct Swedish death metal style of guitar (at the gates) and then burst into a hardcore frenzy. They keep their sound distinctly punk (not overproduced like the metal lends itself to)... but they weave in all these layers and crunching and chugging guitars. The vocals are screamed. It's all moving a breakneck speed- without being chaotic. Awesome awesome split. Both bands rule. Totally different but yet going together well. Look for more form both bands- as they both have new full lengths coming soon and they both rule.... (chris)

Maximum RockNRoll issue#216 May
Ok, so before today I had never heard Murdock, though I had seen the name around a quite a bit. Well, let me tell you that after hearing this, their latest offering. I will be seeking out the previous items in their catalog immediately. Total passionate, craziness, with just the right mix of polish and roughness. They put time changes in just the right places and have a chemistry that most bands only wished they had. Sutek Conspiracy were almost as impressive with their excellent well-planned guitar onslaught overlapping drums reaching breakneck speed (Its called a "blast beat, kids). The lyrics are intelligent but still conveyed with a sense of urgency that really brins the songs to life. This is probably the best split I've reviewed this year. (sp)

Murdock / Sutek Conspiracy split 7"

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