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Ed Walters Records
606 north 13th st. apt. 1
Lafayette, IN 47904

(note new address as of jan. 7,. 2001)


Sliver Magazine #3
This arrived in the mailbox, and I snatched it up after I took one listen to it. This is my most favorite thing I got to review this issue, and it is absolutely one of the best 7" of the year. I don't know where Midvale came from, but they sure know how to hit you in the gut. Pure and emotional music in the vein of Mineral, Split Lip, and Falling Forward. Midvale is melodic, but not sappy, the music is rocking, and the vocals are soft but screamy at the same time. I mean it, this is the best thing all issue, and I can't wait for a full length.

Eventide Fanzine #2
Driving emocore, with a hint of Falling Forward on the vocals. This is really urgent stuff, which is definitely a plus. It reminds me a bit of Contagen, though a bit more melodic. It's a good start from a band that shows a lot of promise here.

Dogprint Fanzine #10
A good debut by both the label and the band. While the packaging is nice in both concept and color usage, the music a good post HC sound done with sincerity, combining the DC tradition to the new era emoish school.

"First Aid for Airmen" single

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